In the last few years, Escape Games have become the “it” thing to do.  As their popularity has grown, more and more unique Escape Games have begun to pop up.  For me, I wasn’t entirely interested in them.  I had pretty much stuck to my haunted attractions and the idea of being locked in a room for an hour while trying to solve a puzzle never interested me.  That is, until I met Madison Rhoades and she told me about her creation, Cross Roads Escape Game.

Madison, and her husband Luke, are the creators and owners of Cross Roads Escape Game. What sets them apart from other games is that theirs is designed so that you feel as if you are a character in a horror movie.  That’s right, you get to be a cliched horror movie character! Based on a questionnaire that you fill out, you get to be either the Virgin, the Jock, the Rebel, the Nerd, the Detective, or the Prom Queen!  I was chosen as the Virgin – yes, I know try to contain your laughter.

It can be hard to review something when you want to make sure you don’t give anything away, but what I can tell you is that this is one of the best attractions I have ever been too.  Cross Roads Escape Games is the first escape game that I have participated in and it has set the bar high for future games.  The game itself is a challenge, having only an 11% success rate, but I ended up really loving that the game was not easy.  It took a lot of work, both individually and as a team, to crack all the codes and make it out alive.  As a side note, just because you may have escaped the game doesn’t mean you survived, there is still another challenge that you can participate in to see if you not only escape but also survive the game.  I, sadly, did not survive Cross Roads but I sure as hell escaped the room which I wouldn’t have been able too do if I didn’t have a great group of people that worked so well together as a team.

Cross Roads Escape Games has a lot of twists and turns as well as surprises around every corner.  As far as the interior design of the game goes, it’s absolutely perfect.  Madison Rhoades was a Scenic Artist for The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor and it’s apparent just how skilled she is by the work she has done at Cross Roads.  As an Interior Designer, I was incredibly impressed with the set design done and atmosphere that she created at Cross Roads. You can tell a lot of heart and soul went into creating this, as well as the passion and perfection needed to make each room unique and creepy.

I’m only one person and I can only say so much about an event but please believe me when I say you are in for a real treat with Cross Roads Escape Game.  If you are looking for an escape (see what I did there??) from the everyday trials and tribulations that are thrown your way in life, Cross Roads is that escape.  If you are nervous about not being able to solve the puzzles let me be the first to tell you you can do it; hell, if I can do it you sure as shit can do it.  It is a challenge and you have to work together but as long as you have a solid and strong team then you got this.  Some of the best advice I got before going in was from Luke Rhoades who informed me to not overthink everything. For anyone venturing to Cross Roads I impart that wisdom onto you as well. Sometimes the simplest answer to a puzzle could just be sitting right in front of you.

For more information on Cross Roads Escape Games, or to schedule a time to go, you can visit their site or head over to their Facebook page 

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