Indie Short Film Review: DROOL

As much as I enjoy sitting down and watching a full length movie, there is something to be said about movie shorts that can captivate you in a much shorter amount of time.  Even more can be said when that short is only 4 minutes long and there is no dialogue and only two people present the entire time.  “Drool” by director Jeremiah Kipp is a 4 minute short that has left me speechless and confused but in an extremely positive way.

I’ve been a fan of director Jeremiah Kipp for about a year now, back when I first saw his film “Painkiller” at a Grindhouse event in New Jersey.  I absolutely loved that entire film and felt personally connected to some of the underlying themes of that movie.  I’ve been quietly following his career since then and was delighted when the opportunity came to review his short, Drool.  Of course, before watching it, I had visions of monsters drooling out human flesh from their mouths and salivating over their next victim.  I could not be more wrong. Drool is nothing of the sort and I’ve been trying to come up with the right words to explain this 4 minute short for the last week or so.  Honestly, I can’t find the correct way to explain this and I can only try to summarize what the short is about.  The best way for me to explain it is by telling you how I felt during the 4 minutes.

“Drool” is hauntingly beautiful.  As I sat on the couch and watched these two people intertwine within themselves, I was captivated.  Their bodies, naked and covered in clear liquid, made me think of birth.  In some strange way, I felt like they were coming out of their shell and exploring who they were and who each other were.  It’s clear as they dance around each other and get closer, that this is more than just simple curiosity.  There’s a fire in them and an attraction that is palpable.  My only thought was that they were showing each other love or sexuality or hunger for each other.  The last act brought out sadness and longing.  They drift apart from each other as they both have received what they wanted.  Their curiosity has dimmed and it’s as though they don’t need anything from the other one anymore.  The man leaves and the woman in left alone.  I’m not sure if there is sadness or something close to relief as they separate.  It seems final.  Almost like death.

The fact that this extremely short film elicited so many emotions from me is incredible.  It’s rare for me to have emotions that raw from a film and I applaud Jeremiah for knowing how to direct in such a way that he cuts right to the chase and goes straight to the heart.  The best thing about this short film, is that in the end, the interpretation of what “Drool” is, is entirely up to you.  You may have looked at this and saw madness and chaos or love and warmth or even a dream that turned into a nightmare.  There are no wrong answers.  Kipp has allowed for us to experience this film solely on our own with our own interpretations and I think that’s absolutely terrific.  Is “Drool” a horror short?  Depends on what you consider horror to be.  Something about this short seems off and unsettling but at the same time beautifully moving.  What I do know for absolute sure is that this short has stuck with me since I watched it over a week ago and has left a lasting impression.  It’s a glorious masterpiece with style, grace, eroticism, sadness, pain, hope, and rebirth.  If you aren’t familiar with Jeremiah Kipp or haven’t seen his work, you are missing out on a wonderful and stylistically amazing director and I urge you to check out “Drool” or “Painkiller” as soon as you can.  For more information on Jeremiah Kipp and to see his upcoming projects, check out his website

Until next time, stay creepy!

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