I’m not typically someone who is at a loss of words; however, sometimes a movie comes along and you just have no words to describe it.  To me, that movie was “Bloodsucka Jones.”

“Bloodsucka Jones” tells the story of David (Justin Armao) who finds out that his new girlfriend, Christine (Jessica Dercks), and her brother, Stewart (Matt Kelly), are vampires.  Stewart doesn’t want David dating his sister and sets out with his collar-popping posse of vampires to destroy David.  David’s only choice is the help of a would-be vampire hunter, Tony (Travis Woods) and comic book legend Bloodsucka Jones (Preston Grant).  I wish I could say that I love this movie, because I really do like director Justin Armoa; however, I don’t think I was the right demographic for this movie.

There were some things that I did enjoy about this movie.  Bloodsucka Jones had some one liners that caused me to laugh out loud a few times and though the movies budget wasn’t grand they had some fun with the special affects and gore.  It was kind of fun watching Bloodsucka Jones step on vampires faces and watching as the blood spilled out.  From a technical perspectives the production value was pretty good.  However, I wish we saw more scenes done at night as everything that was filmed outside was during the day.

For me, the majority of the humor wasn’t my type, and at times it came off as being immature.  I also really wish the women int he film weren’t used as just sexual props.  One of the main characters, Vanessa (Maria Canapino), could have been an extremely strong willed female as she helped to fight off the vampires with Bloodsucka Jones, instead she’s more useful as a chick that shows off her body.  As for acting, I did enjoy some of the cast, most notably, I really liked Travis Wood – the would-be vampire hunter, he seemed to shine the brightest for me.  He was goofy but also lovable.  Preston Grant, who plays the lead Bloodsucka Jones, also had some great moments and I felt like he helped to keep the movie moving along.

Overall, “Bloodsucka Jones” may not have hit the mark for me but I can see how much time and effort Armao put into this movie.  I always look for a silver lining and I can see some of that in “Bloodsucka Jones,” but at the end of the day this film just wasn’t for me.  I haven’t given up all hope on “Bloodsucka Jones” as a sequel is in the works that I would be interested in seeing.  I can see this film easily turning into a cult classic as time goes on.  I look forward to seeing more of Armao’s work in the future as well as what else Bloodsucka Jones has in store for us.

Until next time, stay creepy!

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