Movie Review: THANKSKILLING (2009)

Salutations my screechers, screamers, and scary dreamers,

Tonight’s tale of terror entitled “Thankskilling” tells of a trash talking turkey terrorizing teens and a township.

This will be a shorter review as there is not a lot for me to run through so let us get started right away so that I can put down the few things I need to say.

This film is fairly well known thanks to its campy grindhouse tone and it smartly never feigns any pretension, but sticks stubbornly by its initial intention.  In fact they are so uncompromising that I hardly found it surprising when this movie’s initial appeal turned into its Achille’s heel.  While the low grade look is part of the aim after a while it became lame and since the jokes never really sail the proceedings felt pretty stale.

It was odd that the humor was so ill fated since the premise is wonderfully exaggerated.  I found it a bit of a shock that a picture about a killer turkey that can talk could take a conceit so fertile and ruin it with jokes that were juvenile.  Many other grindhouse parodies have gags about bestiality and feces so I think what hampers this endeavor is that their humor is nowhere near as clever.

Story/Concept: 1
Direction/Style: 2
Scares: 0
Atmosphere: 1
Rewatchability: 0
TOTAL: 4/10

In summation, personally there are other features with just as cheap looking creatures that I found to be more sublime and therefore a better use of my time.

Stick to the shadows my fine friends.

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