I’ve always been fascinated with New Orleans culture and mystery.  Having visited there it remains one of my favorite places in the United States especially since it’s shrouded with so much superstition.  So when I found out that Matt Dorado of Drunken Devil Productions was putting on a New Orleans inspired haunt, called The Sinner’s Soiree, I knew I was in for a good time.

My whole experience from start to finish was a blast.  As we walked up to the entrance we heard music playing from the building (which I later found out was all original music) and it instantly transported me back to when I was last in New Orleans.  Upon getting our ticket we were brought upstairs to face the haunted maze!  Putting together a haunted attraction is no easy feat and I give Matt Dorado credit for pulling this together.  This haunt had so much heart, soul, and passion in it.  Even though they may not have had a lot of props throughout the maze, the scare actors did their job so well that you didn’t even need to worry about props.  Both myself and my boyfriend were scared numerous times and could feel the presence of someone following us throughout the entire maze.  As the maze concluded you met the Drunken Devil face to face, and let me tell you, his makeup and costume game was on point.  The only thing that I wish this maze had more of was the Drunken Devil.  I would have loved to have seen him more throughout different areas of the maze since he’s such a charismatic character.

Now, no Drunken Devil maze is complete without his sinner’s and his drunks. Once you exited the maze a bar was awaiting to serve you delicious alcoholic beverages.  This area also brought in the New Orleans design that was seen throughout the maze.  What I really enjoyed about this area was that it gave people a chance to sit back, relax, and mingle after they went through the haunt.  An added bonus?  Every 45 min. they had burlesque dancers perform. Also, if you wanted to have some privacy you could purchase a VIP ticket which would gain you access into a private lounge area as well as front of the line access to the maze.

Overall, I think this event was fun and at times tense and scary.  I enjoyed going through the maze and being surprised when I least expected.  What really makes this event amazing though is the chance to hang out with friends after the haunt and come down from the fear you just experienced.  I really think that’s an incredible option to have.  Overall, for Matt Dorado’s first haunt, he should be proud of himself.  I think he has a lot of great ideas and his passion is incredibly palpable.  I look forward to seeing what else Matt has in store for us next Halloween season!

For more information on Drunken Devil Productions go to their website at http://www.drunkendevilproductions.com/

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