I can’t remember how I came across Moody Voodies – I must have seen them on Instagram.  Regardless, my life has never been the same since!  As a sucker for all things horror and all things plush, my mind was blown away with the craftsmanship and heart that goes into the products that Moody Voodies creates.  As soon as I learned that they had made a Sam (from Trick R Treat) plush doll, I was done – I needed Sam in my life and I needed to know more about this wonderful shop that creates these horror and voodoo plush dolls! Without further ado, I present Moody Voodies!

SM: How did you start Moody Voodies?  What inspired you?

MV: I’ve always wanted to try to make a living as an artist.  I have a store selling illustrations on various products but, because I only make a small percentage of the sale, I wasn’t going to be able to live off the earnings; so I decided to try to bring the voodoo dolls I had drawn to life.  I showed those drawings to my partner and we went from there!

SM: Have you always been a fan of horror?

MV: Yes, for as far back as I can remember.  When I was little, my parents dragged me and my brother to the drive-in to see them.  I guess they didn’t believe in baby-sitters, or maybe they thought we’d sleep through them.  We didn’t.  We couldn’t.  So we peeked through our fingers and traumatized ourselves lol

SM: Have any celebrities bought your items?

MV: Not as far as we know… But Kat Von D has a plush Edgar Allan Poe doll of ours that was gifted to her from a friend of hers, who is an Instagram followers of ours.  That sounds like six degrees of Kevin Bacon lol

SM: What’s the craziest fan story you have?

MV: I don’t think we’ve reached the crazy fan stories level yet!  We get photos from people having tea parties, back-packing, running marathons, car pooling (etc) with our dolls, but that’s not crazy… Is it? lol

SM; Who’s your favorite universal monster and/or slasher?

MV: It’s a tie between Freddy Krueger and Pinhead.  Freddy for the humor and Pinhead for all-around coolness.

SM: Is there any character that you want to create that you haven’t?

MV: I’d love to make Sweeney Todd and Edward Scissorhands!

SM: Oh that would be awesome!  I would buy Edward Scissorhands in a hot second!  Moving on haha, what’s your favorite scary movie?

MV: Hellraiser.  That movie scared the sh!t out of me the first time I saw it!

SM: Do you have a favorite character that you created or refuse to sell?

MV: There are two characters we’ve created that are my favorites: Nimbus and Clive.  Nimbus is always so sad – he makes you want to fix him a cup of tea, tuck him in bed and sing Soft Kitty to him haha.  Clive is tormented, screaming and wrapped in chains.  He was inspired by Hellraiser.  We’ve sold many different versions of each, but I can’t part with my original Nimbus!

SM: What type of work can we expect from you in the future?

MV: We’re going to try to push for more original stuff.  Coraline, Jack and Sally are cool, but they make us feel like a cover band.  It always means so much more when someone writes “I love Clive!” as opposed to Jack and Sally.  Who doesn’t love Jack and Sally!?

SM: Well I hope to someday own an original Nimbus or Clive – probably Nimbus because I love how sad he is!  One last question – what is one thing people don’t know about you that you would be willing to share with your fans?

MV: We’re Russian spies haha

SM: LOL I knew it!! In all seriousness, thank you so much for answering my questions and taking time to share your secrets with us.  You have a huge following and so many people love your dolls and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

If you are interested in learning more about Moody Voodies, they can be found at the following sites:

TWITTER: moodyvoodies
ETSY: MoodyVoodies

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