In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, it seemed fitting to watch and review the cinematic masterpiece that is Leprechaun.  Not only that, we at Nightmarish Conjurings are doing something else special on St. Paddy’s Day – introducing the first review from Mr. Nightshade! We have both watched and reviewed the movie separately for your reading enjoyment 🙂


“An evil, sadistic Leprechaun goes on a killing rampage in search of his beloved pot of gold.”


Saluatations my screechers, screamers, and scary dreamers,

Tonight’s tale of terror entitled “Leprechaun” concerns a cunning and carnivorous leprechaun looking for his lost loot and the gory great lengths he will go to, to get his gold within his grasp.

This fine film emerged from an era when short statured scares were sweeping the states.  Whether it be Chucky from “Child’s Play,” the corporeal craving “Critters,” the mischievous “Munchies,” a “Ghoulie,” or a “Gremlin,” people were paying big bucks for tiny terrors. With such an abundance of familiar frights on offer, is “Leprechaun” likely to rise above the rest?

The simple story is bolstered by the creative conceit that the leprechaun is not just mischievous, but menacing.  Up until now, the faire folk were seen as frolicsome and fancy free with nary a frightful bone in their body.  Mining the mythology for a fearful twist transforms this horror hike into something special.

Our height adverse antagonist plays a lot of dirty tricks, practices his pogo stick, impersonates, eviscerates, heck he even roller skates.  The film deserves a lot of respect for doing it all with practical effects.  One could complain about the corny acting or that the cinematography may be lacking, but the makeup effects are legendary and really help in keeping it scary.

This feature favors farce over fear, but still manages to make one uneasy by letting the leprechaun leap out without warning.  His gruesome gags also assure that the squeamish stomachs of some will roil with revulsion.

The music here can be light and airy, but occasionally dips into the dark and scary.  It really deserves a special mention as it speaks a lot to the film’s intention.  Even though the leprechaun threatens no one will survive the night the music keeps the movie funny and light.  It much resembles an over the top cartoon, except the violence takes place by the light of the moon. The film favors campy over bleak and stark and is a great mixture of light and dark.

Concept/Story: 1
Direction/Style: 2
Scares: 1
Atmosphere: 1
Rewatchability: 2
TOTAL: 7/10

In summation, if one wants to drink on St. Patrick’s day the “Leprechaun” drinking game is easy to play.  Pop in this movie and drink anytime the leprechaun refers to his gold or makes a rhyme.  If he uses the word me instead of my, or breaks out some new mode of transportation that is the signal for all involved to take a sip from their libation (the last seems odd but it is a lot of fun, because I remember there being seven, but I may be missing one).  The movie does a good job of entertaining whether one is drinking or abstaining, so I am sure all will enjoy it either way if one chooses to make it a part of their holiday.

Stick to the shadows my fine friends.

Mr. William Nightshade


Since we are welcoming Mr. Nightshade and this is his first review, I’m going to keep my review short and sweet.  This movie is not great by any stretch of the imagination.  However, what it lacks in quality it makes up in humor (whether intentional or not).  This movie is hysterically bad but not to the point where you feel the need to turn it off.  It’s almost like a train wreck – you need to keep watching it just so you can see how everything turns out.

Obviously, I tried to use logic and reason with this movie. I couldn’t understand why no one could kill him – he’s so short and tiny!  But ala, with horror movies such as these (Chucky is another good example) there is no point in using logic and reason.  You just need to sit back and enjoy the shit show that is presented to you.

One thing I will give this movie credit for is the special effects and makeup.  The movie debuted in 1993 and at that time we didn’t have all the fancy schmancy CGI special effects that we do now.  However, there is something to be said about the rawness of the effects used in this movie.  It makes me think of the movie “The Thing” (1982 and one of my personal favorite horror movies) and how they were able to pull off such awesome special effects without the use of CGI.  Leprechaun gave me that same feeling as well and I love the old school use of props and camera angles and creativity it takes to make special effects without the use of CGI.  Also, the makeup and costumes for Leprechaun are dead on and perfect.

Concept/Story: 1
Direction/Style: 1
Scares: 1 (only because when the Leprechaun sings like a child it’s actually very creepy)
Atmosphere: 1
Rewatchability: 1
TOTAL: 5/10

In conclusion, this is a fun movie to watch if you have nothing else going on.  There are some great moments in the movie such as all the modes of transportation the Leprechaun uses (I counted 4) as well as some memorable quotes such as, “Fuck you lucky charms!”  Also, if you are a big Jennifer Aniston fan, this is her first debut movie.  With all that said, it’s St. Patrick’s Day and we all need a lil luck of the Irish, so grab a Guinness and some corned beef and cabbage and pop this movie in for a good time!

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