I’m very lucky to have someone in my life who happens to really enjoy horror movies – so when they suggested the movie TUSK a few weeks ago, how could I say no?  Plus, it had a cameo by Johnny Depp sooooo there’s that.  I’m sure you are all dying to know what a movie named “TUSK” is all about…..

“When podcaster Wallace Bryton goes missing in the backwoods of Manitoba while interviewing a mysterious seafarer named Howard Howe, his best friend Teddy and girlfriend Allison team with an ex-cop to look for him.”

I don’t want to say too much about this movie for fear of giving away anything but I think it’s important to start from where this movie originated.  This movie was written and directed by Kevin Smith (yes, that Kevin Smith) who also did the “horror” movie, Red State (which is actually very good).  Long story short, the idea of the movie came about during a recording of Kevin Smith’s podcast where he discussed an article featuring an ad from a homeowner offering a living situation free of charge, if the lodger agrees to dress as a walrus.

I’m sure you can now see where the point of this movie is going.  It involves podcasters, infidelity, seafarers, psychos, and a walrus.  This movie was absolutely off the rails ridiculous, but so much fun.  Again, one of those movies that you don’t go into thinking it’s going to be a scary, “jump out of your seat” movie – but let me tell you – the big “reveal” is to die for (and I mean that in a humorous way).

Is this movie good?  Eh.  Did it make me laugh?  Absofuckinglutely.  Will I watch another “horror” movie by Kevin Smith?  YES.  I enjoyed my time watching this and the acting was so much fun – Justin Long played an asshole so well and also rocked a pornstache like it was no one’s business and Michael Parks was brilliant.  I also learned a lot about walruses – such as how large their penis is and how sentimental these animals can be to old creepy psychos.  I would give this 3 skulls out of 5 skulls because it’s just a great fucking time – if you don’t take it too seriously.  Grab some popcorn cuddle up with someone cute and enjoy a stupid horror movie with the lights off 🙂

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