Spinal Column Short Film Review: SLIT

Hello fellow horror hounds! It's been awhile since the last installment of our Spinal Column but we are back! Tonight we are in for a special treat with a freaky short film titled SLIT, starring Jenn Nangle. 

The film centers on a woman who is discovered to be unfaithful to her spouse. In retaliation, the spouse summons a deity to deliver his punishment. 

Having previously watched other films Jenn has starred in, I was already privy to her ability to capture her roles and SLIT wasn't any different. One thing I particularly liked about this short is that it came off to me as a nod to J-Horror, which is something that I've barely scratched the surface of, but I enjoyed the homage that SLIT was giving to that subgenre. 

Jenn Nangle does a great job playing the role of the unfaithful and once I really understood that's what the situation was, it made my stomach turn. Real life situations, like cheating, are truly horrific (which I mentioned previously in Jerry Smith's LOVE IS DEAD) because you give your entire self to someone just to be fully taken advantage of. It's a direct attack to your self esteem and mental health which is always terrifying. 

As I watched the film and saw our primary character smooching all over her gentleman caller, I couldn't help but think to myself, "damn, that's got to be at least a little bit awkward." But I am not an actor so I really have no clue how those situations play out. 

Despite being shy of 7 minutes, there were "jumpy" aspects of the film that actually startled me and gave me chills. When the spouse jumps out declaring that he knows what is going on, I actually jumped a bit myself, even though I was fully anticipating something like that happening. 

Once the supernatural elements began to chime into the film, was when I started to get the J-Horror vibe. The only way I can describe it would be a torn or disgruntled female spirit which is a typical premise for J-Horror films I have seen. Once we get to see her in all her glory, an eerie noise envelopes the scene and I couldn't help but get slight goosebumps, especially since I was home alone. 

Overall, I enjoyed SLIT and would definitely recommend it as a fun and easy watch. Also, make sure to follow Jenn Nangle on social media and keep up with her current projects as they are always a fun watch!

Singing off, this is Devin, 
Kreep it real Haunted Homies!