Boston Underground Film Festival Favorite Shorts

Welcome witches and warlocks,

As regular readers already know, my wife Colleen and I had the privilege of attending The Boston Underground Film Festival (BUFF for short) from March 23rd to 26th.  I previously posted our rankings of all the movies we saw and promised to put up rankings for the shorts as well, but due to other writing obligations, the shorts fell a bit by the wayside.  I have finally dug myself out of my writing hole and now that I have some free time, I wanted to offer up our shorts lists for your perusal:

1. Night of the Slasher (2015): Horror short by Shant Hamassian
2. Shitfaced (2015): Dramedy short by Kerry Feehan
3. Trust (2015): Comedy short by Jerry Pyle
4. Tom (2015): Comedy short by Dikla Sachs
5. A Mermaid Tale (2016): Horror comedy short by Stephen Franciosa Jr.
6. Stray Dog (2015): Crime short by Michael Mazzuca
7. Innsmouth (2015): Horror crime short by Izzy Lee 

1. Night of the Slasher
2. Shitfaced
3. Trust
4. Tom
5. Stray Dog
6. Innsmouth 

Once again, I am sorry all for the delay, but stay tuned for my ramblings on the event as a whole.

Nighty nightmares,
-The Creeping Craig