Game Review: Breakout Dispatch Presents ON THE RUN


Introverts rejoice! Finally, there is a way to go to an escape room without having to leave your home! Breakout Dispatch is a subscription box mailed directly to your house every month providing compelling murder mysteries for you to solve. Each box is included with a variety of different puzzles testing your detective skills. With an array of different themes and stories extending multiple boxes, you will be on the edge of your seat waiting for your next box to continue the story.

In their On The Run series, your best friend disappears shortly after being suspected of killing his new bride, the heiress of the largest producing copper mine in the world. Newlyweds don’t just kill their spouses and you would never dream of your friend murdering anyone in cold blood. After deeper investigation, you begin to suspect others may have had clearer motives for her death. But who is the culprit? Can you vindicate your friend?

The hands-on, interactive, nature of the puzzles are a major highlight of the On The Run series. With a box of clues ranging from letters, to coroner’s reports, to coins, journals, scraps of ripped paper, and newspapers articles, you are tasked to put all the clues together and figure out what happen. The clues also lead you to utilize online resources and text unknown numbers to delve deeper into the mystery. When you receive your box of clues, there really isn’t a linear progression. You must put all the pieces together to make sense of the narrative. The clues lead you to online resources, which can give you more clues to solve the mystery. Amateur sleuths are welcome. If you need help you can reach out to online communities on Facebook and Slack making this game accessible to wide range of participants with varying detective skills. Although it is likely more fun to play with a partner, you can enjoy this game completely on your own. It is hard to gauge how long it will take to complete a box, but you can count on spending a few hours especially if you hit a roadblock.

One of the challenges with On The Run is setting aside the time to play. Sitting down with a few friends and a box of pizza one evening is likely the best way to enjoy this mystery. If you begin playing and then choose to try again another day, you may need to become reacquainted with story which can be somewhat frustrating. Taking notes on what you have learned thus far can be helpful if you are an intermittent player or to keep you up to date when your second box arrives.

Overall, Breakout Dispatch is a fun, interactive, and compelling challenge that puzzle enthusiasts will greatly enjoy. Although this game is family friendly, it is probably best played by young adults and older due to the complex nature of the puzzles. For $25 you can order your first box of the On The Run series from Breakout Dispatch website.

Danielle Nicole