Product Review: Mythos Candles - Strigoi and Lycanthrope

Though the Halloween season has come to an end, those of us who have a love for the macabre are still going on strong.  As the holidays steadily approach, you may be asking yourself, what can I get my loved one who has an affinity for the darker, more fantastical, things in life.  Well, do I have the perfect gift for you!  Mythos Candles, a subsidiary of Steamwolf Symphony, has created one-of-a-kind candles based off of some of the most beloved mythological creatures.  Each candle has a strong, mesmerizing scent and is hand-poured in house with eco-friendly soy wax, quality phthalate-free, natural & synthetic fragrance oils and lead-free cotton wicks.  Since I’m a huge fan of all things horror, I had the chance to test out Mythos Candles newest designs, Strigoi and Lycanthrope, and I was beyond impressed with the rich smell and craftsmanship that went into these candles.  

I’ve always loved vampires and as their popularity increased my devotion to them grew (minus some time I took off after the whole “Twilight” fandom).  What I really appreciated about Mythos Candles was that they didn’t create a product based off of the more famous bloodsuckers such as Nosferatu or Dracula, instead, they went straight to the Romanian mythological lore of strigoi. On the Mythos Candle’s website, this particular product gives us a brief description of it’s origin stating “strigoi are the troubled spirits of the dead rising from the grave.  Some strigoi can be living people with certain magical properties.  Strigoi are also known as vampires.” The scent of the Strigoi Candle is sweet, almost seductive with a tad bit of romance with a touch of something deeper and darker.  It’s the perfect candle to evoke ancient stories or to snuggle up with your loved one.  The scent is a mixture of Cassia & Amber with Apple & Clover with allows for a vibrant but clean aroma that is earthy and invigorating.  If you are concerned with burn times, you have nothing to worry about as the Strigoi Candle has an average time of 100 hours (10oz).  As with most candles, make sure to keep the wick trimmed to ⅛ inch at all times every 3 hours to extend the life of the candle. The Strigoi comes in a 10oz container candle, 8oz container candle and wax tarts.  

If you are looking for a more manly scented candle, than the Lycanthrope one is for you. Though werewolves have never been my thing, I can appreciate their history and the urban legends that continue on to this day.  Where the Strigoi Candle had a strong sweet scent, the Lycanthrope Candle is the complete opposite.  It brings to mind images of strong, hairy (pun intended?), hungry men shifting into these beast during the full moon.  On the Mythos Candles’ website, this candle’s description is as follows: “A werewolf, man-wolf, or lycanthrope is a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or a therianthropic hybrid wolf-like creature, either purposely or after being placed under a curse or affliction.” There is a sexiness and warmth to this candles scent that is unlike any other and I think that’s due to the combination of oils brought together perfectly; think of leather and the black sea with a dash of amber and vanilla.  How can that scent not be intoxicating?  As with the Strigoi, the average burn time is 100 hours (10oz) and you will want to make sure to keep the wick trimmed to ⅛ inch at all times every 3 hours to extend the life of the candle.  Lycanthrope is also available in a 10oz container candle, 8oz container candle and wax tarts. 

If horror isn’t your thing, have no fear, because Mythos candles makes a variety of themes that include Faeries, Centaurs, Fauns and Hydra.  Their newest additions, just in time for the Christmas season, include a Fairy Steed (which is an adorable Corgi), as well as bringing to life the antithesis of Santa, Krampus himself, and the beloved H.P. Lovecraft creature Cthulhu in his own holiday, Cthulhumas (which I’m already obsessed with).  I can’t say enough good things about these candles, the price points are affordable, ranging from $4 - $15 and they are created with such love by someone who is passionate about what they do.  If you are looking for that unique gift to give a friend, family members, shapeshifter, or vampire make sure to go to and order these now!

For more information visit Mythos Candles on Facebook and Twitter at @ShopSteamWolf and Instagram at MythosCandles. 

Devastatingly Yours,
Shannon M.