Chattanooga Film Festival Announces New Badges for 2019


The Chattanooga Film Festival (CFF) is proud to announce the brand-new Double Secret Deluxe Badge, featuring an exclusive dinner with horror historian and beloved critic Joe Bob Briggs (The Last Drive-In, Shudder). With only five Double Secret Deluxe Badges available, they are as rare as a baby unicorn and just as magical.

In addition to the new Double Secret Deluxe Badge, CFF has reworked their badges to ensure that all attendees have the best guest experience possible no matter their budget or availability to attend the festival, which was recently ranked one of the 30 Bloody Best Genre Fests in the World for 2019 by Moviemaker Magazine.

“It’s with our audience in mind that our new badges and ticket options were created for CFF 2019,” says executive director and lead programmer Chris Dortch II. “Whether fans want the fullest immersion into the world of CFF and a chance to break bread with our patron saint Joe Bob Briggs, or a simple chance to dip their toes in the weird waters of what we hope is fast becoming one of the most unmissable celebrations of movies on Earth, there is truly a little something for everyone at CFF.”

Badge options are as follows:

DOUBLE SECRET DELUXE | $400 (5 available)
Here it is folks, the Excalibur of CFF badges. The Double Secret Deluxe badge allows the holder ALL ACCESS for every single film, party, and whiskey soaked special event at CFF 2019.
Sound good? Well IT GETS BETTER - This badge also gets you a seat at the table for an exclusive dinner with the mighty Joe Bob Briggs. Break bread with Mr. Briggs and prepare thine eyeballs (and thine liver) for much post-March madness.
*This badge comes with priority Group A seating for all screenings, panels and workshops. For dinner, badge holders will meet at the festival venue, and transportation to and from the restaurant will be provided. (Exact date and time of dinner still to be confirmed.)

T.R.I.P. BADGE (formerly known as V.I.P. Badge) | $200 for the full festival
Do your eyeballs like movies? Does your heart like friendship? WELL HOLY HELL THEN we consider you a Totally Rad and Important Person, and we’ve created a CFF badge with you in mind.
While other fests might have their VIP badges your pals at CFF determined that that didn’t make the P (you) seem V I enough and that simply won’t do. With our Totally Rad Important Person (T.R.I.P.) badge you get the access you deserve (all) and very directly help us keep the lights on at the wackiest cinematic celebration the South has to offer.
*This badge comes with priority Group A seating for all screenings, panels and workshops, ensuring first entry into the theater.

STUDENT BADGE | $160 for the full festival
From our Student Short Film block to our classes and workshops we try to pack as many great opportunities for aspiring filmmakers and students as we can. With this in mind, we’ve created the CFF Student badge so that we can make attending our 2019 festival even more of a no-brainer. Come and soak in all of the inspiration and knowledge you can - we promise this will be a much more fun learning environment than your Wednesday afternoon lecture class.
*This badge must be purchased using your .edu email address, and your active Student ID will need to be presented upon pick up at the box office. This badge comes with priority Group A seating for all screenings, panels and workshops, ensuring first entry into the theater.

WEEKEND WARRIOR | $120 for entry Saturday and Sunday
We know sometimes being a responsible adult means you’re at work Monday through Friday, but when the weekend hits you’re ready to party, and party hard. For responsible folks like yourself, we’re presenting you with the Weekend Warrior badge. You’ll gain access to every ticketed event on Saturday and Sunday, and if you’ve attended in the past you know we pack our weekends with more great cinema and shenanigans than you can shake the proverbial stick at.
*This badge comes with Group B seating for screenings, panels and workshops and will be seated after Group A (Double Secret Deluxe, T.R.I.P.  and Student badges).

DAILY BADGE | $60 for opening night, $80 for Friday, Saturday or Sunday
You can be heroes, just for one day...but OH WHAT A DAY IT SHALL BE. We have such sights to show you. A daily badge is the single serving equivalent of our coveted T.R.I.P badges priced a lil’ lower, so even if you’re only able to come celebrate with us for one day due to a busy schedule or a lack of cash, we’ve got you covered.
*This badge comes with Group B seating with Weekend Warriors, for screenings, panels and workshops will be seated after Group A (Double Secret Deluxe, T.R.I.P.  and Student badges).

THE DABBLER | $40 for four films
Look, you’re busy. We get it. You don’t have time to come hang out with a bunch of whiskey swilling movie missionaries for an entire weekend but you’d like to at least dip a toe into our weird waters and get yourself a sampler pack of CFF 2019 offerings. DONE DEAL DUDE. Meet our The Dabbler punch card: good for a total of 4 films, across all 4 days, only $40.
*Please note that badge holders have priority seating, and those with The Dabbler will seat with Group C and will be seated after Groups A and B. The Dabbler is good for films only.

Early bird T.R.I.P. Badges are on sale NOW through January 31st at a discounted price of $150. All badges go on sale January 15th, with Double Secret Deluxe badges hitting the sale block at 6:00pm EST. The festival's sixth year is set for April 11 - 14, 2019. To buy your early bird badge or for more information, visit