Ever wonder what a carnival of horrors would look like? Well, look no further because SHAPESHIFTER: THE CARNIVAL UNDERNEATH combines all the best elements of live entertainment with unspeakable horrors that will chill you to the bone! 

SHAPESHIFTER: THE CARNIVAL UNDERNEATH is a rock 'n roll horror circus that includes a live rock band shaking the rafters as aerialists soar overhead, clowns terrorize the audience, and a freak show ushers all those brave enough to attend into a dark world beneath our own. Gore, original music, a haunted midway pre-show with carnival games and full bar, along with incredible circus acts that mesmerize & mystify. 

SHAPESHIFTER: THE CARNIVAL UNDERNEATH is a haunted attraction unlike any other, a live rock concert and circus that tells a tale of one carnie's descent into Hell itself. The event will feature witches, stilt-walking supernatural creatures, cannibalistic clowns, and flying nightmares. The Ringmaster and his conjoined twin sirens welcome you to join the circus, where monsters dwell and the performers are so close they could touch you...and they will! 

SHAPERSHIFTER will take place on Fridays & Saturdays, Oct. 19-20, 26-27, & Nov. 2-3, 2018. The haunted midway opens at 8pm and curtain is at 9pm. Tickets are $20 for concert-style standing room or $40 for reserved seating. SHAPESHIFTER will be taking place at The Concord located at 241 Concord St., Glendale, CA 91203. 

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit and make sure to follow them on Twitter @ShapeshifterLA, Instagram @ShapeshifterCircus and Facebook at ShapeshifterLA.