Scary Endings Series Finale PARTY CRASHER Streaming Now


Scary Endings is excited to release their final episode for their series, a brutal game of cate and mouse, PARTY CRASHERS

In PARTY CRASHERS, Ben wakes to find himself covered in dishware and a masked intruder looming above him; it's simple - if he moves and drops a plate, his wife Beth will die. Frozen and unable to move, Ben has no choice but to keep still, or does he? As the intruder reveals himself to Beth in the other room, it turns out this intruder's choice in victim is anything but random. 

PARTY CRASHERS is directed by John Fitzpatrick and written by Brian Chandler. It stars Ryan Dillon (Littlerock, Puppet Master X, Scary Endings' We Always Come Back), Camilla Jackson (The Last Heist, Scary Endings' He's Right Behind You) and Jai Koutrae (Terminus, Ghost Soldiers).

With this being the last episode of the series, the team had some parting words for their followers:

"The Scary Endings series started out as a strange little experiment for us that turned out to become something much bigger than we'd imagined. Over the last 3 years with loads of fake blood, homages of horror classics, to sinking elevators - we've challenged ourselves, built incredible relationships in front of, and behind the camera, as well as with all of you. Without your support, acknowledgement and enthusiasm, we wouldn't have been able to pull this off and it is our hope that as we enter a new chapter in our lives and careers that you will be seeing and hearing from us in varying capacities. Thank you again, we hope you enjoy our series finale."

We here at Nightmarish Conjurings wish the Scary Endings team all the success in their new endeavors!