New Immersive Theatre Experience, THE SIDESHOW, Coming This August


CoAct Productions has launched a Kickstarter to help fund their debut immersive theater production, THE SIDESHOW, a unique interactive experience where 10 audience members are mysteriously transported to a vintage 1930s circus. 

This hour long performance delivers a journey in which participants will re-experience the evocative memories of an early circus performer. Audiences will encounter historical influences of the era as they inhabit a multi-sensory environment and interact with characters. Coupled with an elegant dessert and wine pairing, THE SIDESHOW will have participants indulging themselves in its dream-like atmosphere as they uncover what temptations loom beneath the veil of the big top. 

Kickstarter backers can help support this unique production by purchasing a pre-sale ticket to the show or donating to receive exclusive, one-of-a-kind incentive. Funding will not only help pay for the venue, professional actors, and sophisticated desserts, but it will also help deliver the quality production elements this experience truly deserves. CoAct is counting on immersive theater fans and foodies to get behind them to help realize this vision!

For more information visit and if you are able, please consider donating and/or sharing their Kickstarter which can be accessed HERE



Co-Producer, Lyndsie Scoggin
Lyndsie, founder of CoAct Productions, is thrilled to bring THE SIDESHOW to life! Her theatrical background led her to the world of immersive entertainment in 2010 when she began participating in haunted houses. It was then that she discovered her passion for exploring immersion as a story-experiencing platform and decided that she forever wanted to create interactive experiences! She has since worked as the Creative Producer for the 2017-2018 immersive theater production Safehouse '77 and an Experiential Game Designer for escape rooms Mr. MacGuffin's Cocktail Party and Mistaken Identity

Co-Producer, Danielle Levesque
Although Danielle's work experience with the immersive theater industry is just beginning, she has been a fan for years and is excited to be bringing her passion to life with THE SIDESHOW. Her professional experience thus far has been in film and television production. She began as an assitant to the development team at the production company Myriad Pictures in Los Angeles, but shortly thereafter, her passion shifted to set design. Her career evolved into Coordinating the Art Department on films and television shows such as FX's American Horror Story, Netflix's GIRLBOSS, and Marvel's Thor: The Dark World

Writer, Nick Rheinwald-Jones
Nick Rheinwald-Jones created, directed, and performed in the critically acclaimed immersive show Safehouse '77, which remounted in March after its initial sold-out run last November. His production company, Spy Brunch LLC, is currently developing more immersive projects, and he is thrilled to be collaborating with Lyndsie Scoggin once again on THE SIDESHOW