Shock Theater Presents Their Newest Horror Immersive Show, EYE FOR HORROR


Shock Theater is an art collective from New York who create immersive experiences unlike anything else in America. 

They emphasize that the real world is scarier than any haunted house and they exhibit that through their many completed simulations. 

This year Shock Theater has been focusing on their EYE FOR HORROR and NIGHT GAUNT series of shows. 

EYE FOR HORROR is a photography and video experience that puts real people in insane, scary, funny, horrible situations and documents their reactions in real time. There are no scripts, only a loose story and guests and actors are the driving force behind it all. 

Shock Theater has done five EYE FOR HORROR experiences since starting in Winter 2017 and they do not plan on stopping until December 2018. 

For this special summer show, guests are playing Trump supporters campaigning in the upcoming 2020 election and everything falls apart from there. 

Calling the event WE THE PEOPLE, in honor of Independence Day, days after the event, Shock Theater has teamed up with The Shadows Haunted House in Buffalo, NY, to help create and facilitate the latest EYE FOR HORROR experience. 

Shock Theater Co Founder, Will Puntarich doesn't want people to get the wrong idea though... This isn't a pro or anti Trump experience, he says "Trump is basically an atmosphere, this show is about the people living in that world and something happening that could or could not be prevented, it is the simulated real world." 

Owner of The Shadows Haunted House, Rodney Montgomery, added "I think I come from a politically moderate standpoint and Will is very clearly Anti-Government, which makes the show interesting because you, as a guest, get to see things from both sides. You won't be just shouted at by democratic social justice warriors or be force-fed pro-life, pro-gun rhetoric. You'll be immersed completely in both camps and will understand why the polarization of this country is so toxic. That's why this show is important as an art piece and a commentary on the modern political climate." 

Puntarich went on to describe the experience's influences being sampled from films like The Purge, Night of the Living Dead, You're Next, Network, 1984, Get Out, A Clockwork Orange and more. 

Where these themes line up in regards to the show itself is a mystery. Shock Theater doesn't like to give a lot of information away before an experience but the theme here is sure going to raise many eyebrows and conversations as we all begin to wonder when enough is enough and how far we can go before the tipping point hits. 

For ticket information, you must message Shock Theater's Facebook page directly. You'll then have to wait for a link to a creepy Craigslist ad seeking models for an experimental photoshoot. From there your experience will have started and you might even receive messages and information about your experience. 

They really do go the extra mile to make your life a personal horror movies. 

Time slots are 5pm, 6:30pm, 8pm, 9:30pm and 11pm. The price is $110 for a group of two and the experience lasts roughly an hour and thirty minutes. You must be in a group of two, you must be 18 or older to participate, and you must sign a waiver, have proof of insurance and a valid driver's license. The event will be held at The Shadows Haunted House on June 30th.