Nerdist Presents Tommy Wiseau's "The Joker" Audition Tape


Tommy Wiseau has taken over Hollywood! But after his success in "The Room" and the award winning "The Disaster Artist", he's been publicly campaigning for one of the most sought-after roles in the history of film: Batman's eternal nemesis, The Joker.

As huge fans of Mr. Wiseau's work as well as the character The Joker, Nerdist wanted to give him a chance to show the world what he can bring to this iconic role. How will he compare to famous Joker actor alums? You'll have to watch Tommy Wiseau's official test reel for the role of The Joker to find out. Brought to you by the team that created viral videos "Young King" and "Thor 3: Ragnarok - 1987 Trailer."