Ticket now on sale for the latest experience at The Basement, THE ELEVATOR SHAFT


The latest chapter in the Edward Tandy saga has just arrived at one of LA's most intense escape rooms, THE BASEMENT. Titled The Elevator Shaft, guests will come face to face with their biggest fear, as they find themselves locked inside an elevator shaft. 

Here's a quick glimpse of the terrifying synopsis: 

"About 3 months ago, Edward hired a man named John Peterson to help him make some 'engineering changes' to an elevator on his property. John quickly figured out that these changes were indeed sinister in nature. When John confronted Edward, he was told that he could not leave until the project was finished or else John's wife and daughter would pay the ultimate price." 

John is now long dead and guests are locked in an elevator shaft with an elevator that is lowering so quickly, that the smell of steel permeates within. The question is, will you and your friends be able to follow the steps that John has put into place for you to escape? Or will you perish under the weight of a 10 ton antique steel monster? 

The Elevator Shaft is the highest tech room that THE BASEMENT has built which will combine a feeling of realism and intensity that is unmatched in the world of Escape Rooms. Do you have what it takes? If so, purchase your tickets HERE