THE EVIL IN US Available on DVD, VOD and Digital on August 29, 2017

RLJ Entertainment (NASDAQ: RLJE) brings us THE EVIL IN US, written and directed by Jason William Lee in his feature film debut. The film stars Ian Collins (CW's "Supernatural") and Kylee Bush (Nightwing: Prodigal). THE EVIL IN US will be available on DVD on August 29, 2017 for an SRP of $27.97, same day as VOD and Digital.

In THE EVIL IN US, six school friends meet up for a Fourth of July celebration on a remote island off the Washington coast for a weekend of fun and partying. But the good times quickly turn into a nightmare when they unknowingly take a new bio-active drug containing a virus that causes fits of psychotic rage. Only one girl, Brie (Bush), doesn't take the drug and she alone must fight to stay alive as her friends slowly turn into bloodthirsty cannibals. Trapped on the island, Brie must endure the unimaginable in a desperate battle of survival. 

The film premiered at FrightFest London 2016

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