SLASHED! The Musical is Coming This June to the Hollywood Fringe Festival

SLASHED! The Musical tells the story of a handful of would-be camp counselors gearing up for the grand re-opening of Camp Freedom (better known to the locals as CAMP DOOM) where, just a decade earlier, Little Peetie Jergins fell into a bonfire while the counselors were too busy drinking, dancing, smoking and screwing to pay attention to his screams. 

Now Peetie's unquiet spirit roams the woods, punishing those who engage in the behaviors that lead to his demise. And soon the lake will run red with the blood of his victims. 

Set in 1983, SLASHED! The Musical, is a love-letter to not only the summer-camp Slasher genre, but also to the time period. The seven original songs are an ode to 1980's Top40 radio and the story uses and subverts genre cliches for comedic effect. 

Seven original songs. Seven Kills. One hell of a fun time! Coming to Hollywood Fringe Fest this June!

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Book, Music and Lyrics by musical theater veteran (RENT, BUDDY: THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY) and genre screenwriter Sean Keller (Argento's GIALLO, Carpenter's THE WARD). 

Directed by master of the modern horror short, Chelsea Stardust (UNDER THE BED, MARCO POLO and SLAY-PER-VIEW). 

Produced by veteran horror producer Rudy Scalese (GOING TO PIECES: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE SLASHER FILM, 6 SOULS, dozens of shorts for Eli Roth's Crypt TV) and online genre personality and expert Clarke Wolfe (Collider Nightmares, Earbud Theater, The Bloodcast).