Gunpowder & Sky Releases Second Trailer for HOUNDS OF LOVE

From Gunpowder & Sky, we have the new trailer for one of the year's most critically-acclaimed and harrowing horror films, HOUNDS OF LOVE. Since it's debut on the festival circuit, the film has won awards for Best Actress (Ashleigh Cummings) at the Venice Film Festival, Best Director (Ben Young) and Best Actress (Emma Booth) at the Brussels International Film Festival and Beat Feature Runner-Up at the Boston Underground Film Festival. 

HOUNDS OF LOVE takes place in suburban Perth during the mid 1980s, when people were unaware that women were disappearing at the hands of serial killer couple John and Evelyn White. After an innocent lapse in judgment, Vicki Maloney is randomly abducted by the disturbed couple. With her murder imminent, Vicki realizes she must find a way to drive a wedge between Evelyn and John if she is to survive. 

HOUNDS OF LOVE is an exercise in expertly-crafted tension, offering a bold, challenging debut from writer/director Ben Young. The film will open in select theaters and on VOD on May 12.