Director of Award-Winning Mauvaises Têtes Crowdfunding for New Film SYLPHVANIA GROVE

Rebekah Fieschi, award-winning director of Mauvaises Têtes, is currently crowdfunding for her new film SYLPHVANIA GROVE on The new film is a fantasy short following the adventure of a ten-year-old girl who isn't ready to grow up and fit into the mold set out for her. It is a unique chance for the fantasy genre to portray the quest of a young girl to find her place in the world. 

Maxine Wanderer will play Mycena, who doesn't fit in at school and is neglected by her parents. One night, while secretly reading under her blankets, a magical being pops out of her book and beckons her to follow it into the woods where she makes a fantastic discovery. 

Rebekah Fieschi says, "This film is out next step toward bringing more satisfying, layered, character driven fantasy films to the screen and create an opportunity for a female actress to shine in a genre in which boys are usually the stars." 

The team's goal, to raise $6,000 for production, was achieved in just three days and quickly surpassed, having now raised over $10,000 the focus is now on gathering followers on Seed&, so that the film can find a larger audience. A variety of incentives are being offered for different levels of contribution, including a chance to see Mauvaises Têtes, To find out more about the project and people involved go to

Horromance Productions, founded by Rebekah Fieschi in 2012, makes gothic horror and fantasy films. Their most recent short film, Mauvaises Têtes, was nominated for Best Director at Nightmares Film Festival and won Best Screenplay at Macabre Faire. It continues to play at festivals around the world.