New Immersive Experience, 'THE NEST' to Open in Los Angeles

New immersive theatre company, Scout Expedition Co., announced the opening of its debut production, "The Nest."  The immersive experience, which seeks to offer audiences a unique format of storytelling, will begin a limited 3-week run on April 1, 2017 in Los Angeles. 

"The Nest" tells the story of a mysterious woman named Josie.  Although you've never met, she has inexplicably entrusted her storage room to you, filled with decades of collected memories and cryptic secrets.  Remnants of her entire life are all here in one place - left for audience members to discover. 

"Instead of using actors, we're empowering the audience to drive the story forward by discovering key props and sets," says Jarrett Lantz, Co-Creative Director of Scout Expedition Co. "It's a similar experience to snooping through boxes in somebody's attic - you never know what you'll find." 

"We want everyone who sees 'The Nest' to form their own interpretation of Josie's story," adds Jeff Leinenveber, Co-Creative Director of Scout Expedition Co.  "All the parts and pieces of her life are hidden throughout the room, but the real story is created by the decisions you make and the way you assemble these pieces together."

Tickets for "The Nest" are on sale now through Evenbrite and priced at $45, which allows entry for two guests. 

For more information about "The Nest" visit and follow Scout Expedition Co. on Facebook at, Instagram @scoutexpeditionco and Twitter @scoutexpedition.  

"The Nest" is an immersive experience that gives audiences the freedom to uncover the story of a mysterious woman, Josie, who has entrusted her storage unit to them.  Armed with a flashlight and tape recorder, they'll piece together the tragic events of her life through the personal effects and audio cassettes she's left behind. 

Scout Expedition Co. is a new immersive theatre company based in Los Angeles, California. Led by Creative Directors Jarrett Lantz and Jeff Leinenveber, Scout is dedicated to the telling of unique and engaging stories set in richly detailed environments.  Jarrett and Jeff's professional work with the talented teams of Walt Disney Imagineering, Third Rail Projects, Cirque du Soleil, and Delusion have provided them with the precise know-how to bring these new worlds to life.