Something is Brewing at the All-Female Run FX Shop COVEN FX

In conjunction with Women in Horror Month, a collective of women specializing in all aspects of makeup and special effects has announced that they will be opening up an FX shop this Summer. 3 Women, reminiscent of the Sanderson Sisters, each with varying backgrounds in makeup and special effects have decided to come together to form an FX company run by women, making FX products for women.  Along with their original line of women's silicone masks, Coven FX will also be offering services including but not limited to: mold making, casting, prosthetic and transfer making, prop making, foam fabrication, FX dentures, and life casting. 

"Being surrounded by so many talented women in the FX industry is what gave me the idea to open Coven FX.  Realizing that I have so many talented friends who struggle to get FX work in a male dominated industry, I started talking to Cassandra Byers about the idea of opening up my own shop.  With her Beauty Makeup and YouTube/Social Media Marketing Background, adding Cass to the equation was a no brainer.  But I knew we needed a strong sculptor.  I watched an amazing mask created by Melissa Coulter go viral, and I knew she was our missing sister.  With our varying backgrounds, along with the help of some other amazing women our combined talents give us the ability to take on any job that comes to us.  We have become a Family, A Coven. And I am so excited to open Coven FX this Summer!" - Founder/Owner of Coven FX, Haylee Detroit

The Coven FX GoFundMe site is now live to help raise funds to open their shop this summer. Your donations will go toward all the necessities of opening any new business: Business License, Insurance, Website, Shop Deposit, Utilities, Materials, Supplies, Business Cards, Marketing, etc. Follow Coven FX on Facebook at, Twitter @covenfxco, Instagram at @coven_fx and YouTube to stay updated. 

With every donation, you will receive a gift.  Middle tiers include the choice of a Glossy or Metal Print from Coven FX's first Mask shoot with award winning photographer Chad Michael Ward. With a $500 donation, you have the chance to own an EXCLUSIVE "Lucretia" Witch Mask. And finally at the highest tiers, 2 lucky collectors will receive either a one-of-a-kind Deluxe version of the "Lucretia" Mask or a one-of-a-kind "Lucretia" Dressed Bust.  The release of Coven FX's fundraising campaign is perfectly timed with the Celebration of Women in Horror Month.  We would love nothing more than to see this group of talented women be successful in doing what they love.  Support Women in Horror, Support Coven FX.

Founder/Owner/FX Artist: Haylee Detroit
Freelance Makeup Artist & Character Creator.  Specializing in SFX, Prosthetics & Face & Body Painting.  Experienced in Print, Film, Runway, & Beauty.  BJB Enterprises Marketing Assistant and Makeup Department Head for The 17th Door Haunted House in Tustin, CA.  Other skills include but are not limited to: Sculpting, Mold Making, Casting, Mask Making, Prop Making, Prosthetic Making, and Foam Fabrication. 

Founder/Co-Owner/Beauty and FX Artist: Cassandra Byers
Attended Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry and completed the entire program with certification in Beauty, Production, and SFX.  Got her start in South Florida.  Experienced in Film, Beauty, Bridal, Body Painting and Events.  Previous experience includes work with Netflix's Bloodline Series 2 & 3 and Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage. Other skills include but are not limited to: Graphic Design, Digital Art, Character Design, Sculpting, Mask Making, Prosthetic, Teeth making, Facial Hair Creation & Floating, Theater, Beauty Makeup, Body Painting and Airbrushing. 

Founder/Co-Owner and Lead Sculptor/Mask Maker: Melissa Coulter
Attended the Tom Savini Special Effects program.  Though best known for her sculpting, her other skills include painting, mold making, make up artistry and fabrication.  Melissa is currently a full time freelance artist and mostly focusing on her own original ideas.  Her past work includes several small budget films: the Cemetery, Alan by Matt Deering, A Chance in Hell with one of her mentors Christopher Patrick, and recently had her first Netflix gig on a show called Ingobernable. 

Additional Coven FX Artists:
Angela Merritt: Shop Manager/FX Artist
Bailey Dukes: Costume Designer/Doll Maker
Brenda Salome Salamone: FX Artist
Miranda Riddle: FX Artist 

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