Cinemark + The Asylum Present: A HAUNTING IN SALEM


Cinemark Theaters and The Asylum (the studio behind Sharknado) have joined forces to present fans with THURSDAY NIGHTS AT THE ASYLUM, a weekly series offering exclusive access to the very best in underground and homegrown horror, thriller, sci-fi and cult cinema.

When the new sheriff of Salem, Massachusetts discovers that he is the victim of a centuries-old curse, he must protect his family from the vengeful ghosts that torment his home.

A HAUNTING IN SALEM, the fifth film in the Cinemark Theaters and The Asylum series, is directed by Shane Van Dyke and stars Bill Oberst Jr., Courtney Abbiati, Jenna Stone, Nicholas Harsin, and Carey Van Dyke.

A HAUNTING IN SALEM will be playing exclusively at Cinemark Theaters on October 26, 2017.