'Scary Endings' THE WATER RISES starring Kaitlin Doubleday Streaming Now!

SCARY ENDINGS is excited to release their third episode for this season, a claustrophobic and gripping thriller on the high seas entitled The Water Rises starring Empire's Kaitlin Doubleday. SCARY ENDINGS will be released each month on their regular YouTube channel WhereIsTheRockHammer and can also be viewed on www.ScaryEndings.com

In their latest episode, The Water Rises, newlyweds Jennifer (Kaitlin Doubleday) and Matt (Adam J. Yeend) are enjoying a tropical cruise for their honeymoon when disaster strikes the ship trapping the couple in an elevator at the bowels of the ship.  As the elevator sinks, the water rises, and time is running short for these newlyweds to escape for air!

The Water Rises is written and directed by John Fitzpatrick and stars Kaitlin Doubleday (Fox TV's Empire, HBO's Hung), Adam J. Yeend (Brentwood Strangler, Liz & Dick, The Grinning Man) and a special voice appearance by Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever, Skypemare, Disney's Stuck in the Middle).