If you like speed dating and escape rooms, then do we have some new for you!  In the month of February, THE BUNKER EXPERIENCE will be hosting Speed Dating!  This fun and unique activity will give guests the opportunity to meet each other in a fun and adventurous game setting. There will be 4 Speed Dating nights which will land on Fridays in February and will feature 2 Straight Nights and 2 LGBT Nights.  

For the price of $39.95, the Singles will get: Speed Dating potential love interests, Glass of Wine, and a game in the Bunker Experience.  Once the 90 minutes of speed dating, mingling, and escaping the game, guests are then invited over across the street to the famous Speakeasy Bar for drinks at 30% off.  

This is a great way for Singles to do something different with Speed Dating.  The event, hosted by Serial Killer Speed Dating, will be based off the theme of a post-apocalyptic story within THE BUNKER EXPERIENCE.  The Speed Dating host and other employees will all be characters in the game as will the Singles.  This event will be a great way to do something that will help take the edge off of meeting someone new while also offering a fun night out to possibly meet the love interest you are looking for! 

Along with Speed Dating, THE BUNKER EXPERIENCE plans on launching the second Chapter of the story mid-February while also re-launching Chapter 1 with newer puzzles, changed codes and more.  

For more information on THE BUNKER EXPERIENCE visit their site at  To purchase tickets to the Speed Dating event, visit