Newest Trailer for Brian Klemesrud's thriller DEAD DRAW

DEAD DRAW, starring Gil Bellows (USA's "Eyewitness"), Bitsie Tulloch ("Grimm"), Michael Eklund ("Bates Motel"), Faust Checho (PROXY), Andy Ahrens ("Chicago Fire"), Slaine Carrol (THE TOWN) & Brit Shaw ("Nashville"), makes its world premiere this Friday (9/30) at the San Diego International Film Festival. 

The film, directed by Brian Klemesrud, is a dark and intricately structured genre film, where every motive is questioned, every moment is critical, and every secret could prove fata. 

25 million dollars, 8 safety deposit boxes, and months before anyone will know it's gone.  But Harrison's (Gil Bellows) perfect heist turns deadly when his safe-cracker, Mack (Michael Eklund), discovers their getaway pilot brutally murdered.  Someone knew about the job, someone set them up. Stranded in a frozen hangar, held hostage by someone outside, loyalty turns to suspicion and friends turn to enemies.  Now it's a race against time as the band of thieves try to uncover the rat and escape their troubled past... if they can survive the night.