HALLOWEEN in SEPTEMBER from Force of Nature!! Specials Inside!

Force of Nature gears up for Halloween!!

Force of Nature is very excited to kick-off their very 1st Halloween Season and boy do they have a fun lineup for you. Starting Sunday, September 4 experience "TV LIVE" where Hitchcock and Twilight Zone come to meet!  

At the end of September and through October, they will be launching their BRAND-NEW Halloween Theatrical Haunt: "FALLEN SAINTS." (Formerly "Deep Shadows & Ghostly Whispers"). 

Lastly, in November, they will have a new personal experiment in fear with "ONCE UPON A FEAR". And just when you thought December will be at time for a break, stay tuned for a big announcement for their Holiday Show! 

So, exciting times are ahead!  We really hope you spend some time with them in the upcoming months!  Come alone!  Bring a friend, or two, or 5! 

Check out the links below for their upcoming shows and make sure you read thru to find SPECIAL CODES just for YOU for discounted tickets!


Born from a love of Hitchcock and the Twilight Zone, TV LIVE explores the unexpected, the startling, the astonishing, and the unforeseen.  Four new tales every month from the greatest minds in the theatre world for our TV generation.  It's not just TV, it's TV LIVE. Sundays @ 7PM (Doors @ 6:30PM) Opening Sept 4th, tickets are $20. Located at The Actors Group Theatre at 2813 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505 (Limit of 30 seats per performance).  Use Code: FON731 for discount tickets! Purchase HERE

(formerly "Deep Shadows & Ghostly Whispers")

Victorian London is the intellectual and technological center of the world.  It's also home to the most horrific, violent crimes, and murders in history.  At it's core lies Fallen Saints, a mortuary specializing in violent deaths.  As the deaths grow more unusual, the spirits grow more restless, wreaking havoc across the city.  Join medium, Evelyn "Evie" Skrain, as she attempts to rid the mortuary of the tortured souls, one way or another. Join Force of Nature for this immersive Halloween theatrical haunt! Just be warned, the spirits are known to follow some home.  For ages 15 and up.  Fridays & Saturdays in October, Preview Sept 30th 7pm to 11pm 5 shows nightly (SPECIAL HAUNTERS NIGHT TBA).  Tickets are $15.  Located at The Actors Group Theatre at 2813 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505 (Limit of 30 souls per performance).