Venita Ozols-Graham's BLACK WIDOWS Available on VOD and iTunes

Last weekend, Etheria Film Night put on a showing of horror shorts from some of the most notable female filmmakers in the industry.  This past Friday, one of those directors, Venita Ozols-Graham, released her feature film BLACK WIDOWS, and though it incorporates some pretty heavy topics that women unfortunately have to face in today's society it does so in a way that allows for some dark humor to help break the tension and make the viewer laugh.

BLACK WIDOWS centers around Darcy, who after being date raped, inflicts what she thinks is a harmless revenge prank on the rapist with her two friends Nora and Olivia.  But as most things go, the prank doesn't go as planned and when the rapist accidentally dies, it sets off a catalyst of events that results in more than one death.  

BLACK WIDOWS explores the relationship and friendships between the people you need in your life when all hell breaks loose along with aspects of humor and hope.  The film stars Jordan Elizabeth Goettling (KNOCK KNOCK 2), Brigitte Graham ("Spike Heels") and Shelby Kocee (MAN OF A THOUSAND FACES) and is now available online at iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, Amazon Video and more.  For more information on the film visit their website