CREEP LA returns with an all new terrifying haunt - ENTRY


"CREEP Los Angeles is back with ENTRY.  In the 1970s, a controversial artist sets out to explore what he referred to as "the darkness"...and never came back.  Get lost inside a world of twisted art and intimate terror, and uncover the darkness that CREEPs within us all."

Staged in a converted warehouse in downtown LA's arts district, CREEP 2015 was an introduction to CREEPs and the CREEPLA brand.  The event introduced audiences to a variety of characters all while blurring the lines between audience and performer.  Once in the CREEPs' hands, guests make their way through a dark and dangerous environment, playing twisted children's games (Bloody Mary, Ring Around the Rosie), hiding from looming threats, crawling through dark tunnels, and having one-on-one encounters with CREEPs of all kinds. 

This year, CREEP Los Angeles, returns with a larger scaled immersive/experiential performance, ENTRY.  ENTRY will be the 2nd installment to the CREEPLA brand.  Enter a haunting world inspired by the cinematic styles of directors David Lynch & Stanley Kubrick and influenced by companies like Punchdrunk.  Audiences shall expect their experience to begin the moment they arrive.  An intimate pre-show lounge with hospitality offerings will set the tone while small groups (even individuals) are invited into hidden scenes, intimate encounters and frightful situations. Entry will consist of a 70-90 minute experience that sprawls throughout an 8,000+ square-foot space combining elements from both film and stage while remaining true to its haunt background.

CREEPLA is located at 2316 N. San Fernando Rd in Los Angeles.  Performances run from September 15th through Halloween on all weekends with some weeknights available.  Tickets range from $40 - $50 dollars.  Please visit for more information.  #CreepLA #Creepitreal