Sitges 2016 gears up with two al fresco fantastic short film screenings

Sitges 2016 Gears Up With Two Al Fresco Fantastic
Short Film Screenings

The 49th Sitges - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia is less than two months away and, to make the wait a little more enjoyable, the Festival is organizing two short film screenings at the Port de Sitges - Aiguadolç Marina and Municipal Swimming Pool, this upcoming August 14th and 19th. 

The initiative has been taking place now for four years running.  On this occasion, twelve different fantastic genre shorts will be screened, all selected by members of the Festival's programming committee, who will also present the screenings.  Some of the filmmakers will be attending as well. 

Sunday, August 14th, at 23:00
Port de Sitges - Aiguadolç Marina (Moll de Llevant)
Free admission
Total runtime: 67 minutes

MADRE DE DIOS - by Gigi Saul Geuerrero.  A woman wakes up bound to an altar, totally helpless as she is transformed into a statue by two elderly sorcerers whose sole purpose is to conjure up the anti-Christ (7 minutes)

MARTA JUEGA SOLA - by Carlos Molinero.  Diana and her mom arrive at a new home.  A house with tons of light, an enormous hallway and someone who's been playing by herself for too long. (12 minutes)

VAMP - by Denise Castro.  Vamp and Vlad, two vampires in love, escape the destruction of their home planet, travelling through the galaxy to an abandoned planet, but... what will they do when the blood reserves run out? (10 minutes)

DISCO INFERNO - by Alice Waddington.  A weary hell minion is on a mission to rescue her boss.  But the Devil is ready to get back to his daily routine... (12 minutes)

SIRENA NEGRA - by Elio Quiroga.  An adaptation of the play by Vanessa Montfort, this is the story of the Dark Siren, who lives hidden away in the sewers beneath the big city. (18 minutes)

CARADECABALLO - by Marc Martinez.  Thriller, horror, comedy, science fiction and drama with a twenty euro budget and starring the director and his granny. (8 minutes). 

Friday, August 19th, at 22:00
Municipal Swimming Pool (Cami de la Fita, s/n)
Free admission
Total runtime: 59 minutes

THEY WILL ALL DIE IN SPACE - by Javier Chillon.  The starship Tantalus drifts through space. (15 minutes)

L'ENCENEDOR QUANTIC - by Pau Escribano.  A couple is at a bar.  When he comes back from the men's room he tells her that he's not himself, that he comes from the future, and he asks her to do something for him that she would have never imaged she'd have to do. (5 minutes)

RESTART - by Olga Osorio.  Andrea is trapped in a time warp.  Will she be able to break it? (15 minutes)

DJAVULEN - by K. Prada, J. Prada.  The devil. (4 minutes)

FORMAS DE JUGAR - by Gemma Blasco.  A corpse appears in a hotel room.  During the minutes immediately before and after the discovery of the dead body, four characters have been very close to it.  A game of clues in search of the truth.  (11 minutes)

SILENTE - by Paco Ruiz.  Anori is an Eskimo living on planet Silent.  One day, he is surprised by an artifact falling from the sky.  (9 minutes).