HorrorBuzz.com, one of the premiere sites for haunt and horror news, is excited to announce that their annual VIP Knott's Scary Farm Event will take place on Saturday, September 24th at 2PM at Knott's Berry Farm, in Buena Park, California.

Join HorrorBuzz as they return to the foggy, moldering streets of Ghost Town as they gather for the annual Knott's Scary Farm Meet!  HorrorBuzz is taking over the annual tradition that is reaching its 10th year, and will be leading a group through the grand-daddy of haunts with the friendliest group of people around.

What makes going to this event different from just buying the tickets on your own?  A LOT!

We will start the day off at 2PM.  After checking in, guests will enjoy a backstage tour through the inner workings of a haunt with a backstage, lights on tour of a maze or two by some of the designers.  Guests will be able to ask them questions and pick their brains (much like a zombie would) with all the questions they are dying to get answered. 

Afterwards, they will feast on a private, all you can eat buffet, filled with Knott's famous fried chicken, roast beef, turkey, and more boysenberry pie than you can handle.  After dinner, guests will get early entry into Knott's Scary Farm, so the real fun can begin!

The world famous Death March will start, and guests will go through each and every maze at Knott's Scary Farm as a group (because there is apparently safety in numbers).  But don't worry, you won't have to wait in lines!  You'll enjoy front of the line priority access queue for everything, and even have access to the brand new Hell Boxes scattered around the park. 

Guests will also have a priority viewing area for The Hanging, and enjoy early entry into Elvira's Dance Macabre show. 

"For many years, I ran this event to great success with other sites.  Now, with HorrorBuzz, we can reach new audiences with this fantastic night of fright, and invite everyone to join us for the fun," said Norman Gidney, owner of HorrorBuzz.com

The entire night will be a full 12 hours of fun, frights, and more!  For more information, visit the event page at: http://horrorbuzz.com/qsot-event/horrorbuzz-com-vip-knotts-scarry-farm-event_2016/

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For $152.99 you can experience a backstage tour of a maze, meet and greet with haunt designers, all-you-can-eat Boo-fet, early admission into Knott's Scary Farm, front of the line access to mazes and Hell Boxes with Fright Lane and early entry to Elvira's Dance Macabre.