Indie author and Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival program chairman Terry Cronin has teamed up with indie horror filmmaker and Abyssmal Entertainment owner Steven Shea to create the new frightfully fun horror novel FILM FESTEVIL.  The book is published through 3 Boys Productions. 

"Film fanatics Jodie and Will love to hate their boring job working at the local movie theater. When their annual film festival happens to coincide with the biggest award night in Hollywood, it also attracts a solid gold killer to their small beachside town.  Soon the bodies begin to pile up in the aisles, and it's up to the ragtag team of festival workers to try and stop him.  But can they stay alive to see who wins Best Picture?" 

Film FestEvil is a mesmerizing, stay-up-all-night nail-biter, a film lover's story of obsession and murder, survival and popcorn, all amid the ruthless and sometimes hilarious world of film festivals.  It's Cinema Paradiso meets Scream!

Film FestEvil is currently available for Pre-order through, but will first be released as the San Diego Comic Con, at the 3 Boys Productions booth #1901. 

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Terry Cronin is the co-founder and program chairman for the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival held annually in Melbourne, Florida.  He's the creator of the critically acclaimed dermatologist detective series, The Skinvestigator, as well as the long-running horror adventure series, Students of the Unusual.  Readers can visit his website

Steven Shea is a writer/director/photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA.  He's the owner and operator of multimedia company Abyssmal Entertainment, that focuses on feature and short films, music videos, photography, and comic books.  He has directed multiple feature and short films including Hoodoo for Voodoo, 2:22 and Doomsday County.  Readers can discover more about him at and