Daniel Beer Brings A Haunting Elegance to the Literary World!

Twigs, adjusted to purgatory, must help her brother confront crippling memories, blurred by a family secret the night of her death

Actor and author, Daniel Beer, has an undeniable body of acting work that includes lead roles in "Love Finds a Home", a Hallmark TV movie, "Creepshow 2", "Dying Young", and "Point Break", as well as several guest star roles on one-hour dramas.  He is a member of The Actors Studio, attended the U.C.L.A Advanced Fiction Program and has had his short fiction published in the literary magazine 34th Parallel.  Having taught seminars on writing at Lancaster State Prison, Daniel has released his first novel and you will want to get your copy now!

"There hasn't been a good coming-of-age story about a young man's fall into adulthood.  How he comes to terms with his own psychological trauma.  Alex's (main character) is filled with loss and guilt over the tragic death of his little sister Twigs.  Alex's life begins to come undone, his past and present collide as tries to navigate the Hollywood Scene.  I'm an insider in Hollywood, so you will get to feel what it's really like, not some cliche, dehumanizing portrait. There are some really funny scenes in the book that are based on my experiences.  My writing voice is unique, unlike anything you've read, and the intimacy of my voice will grab the reader. When I finished writing I had a greater understanding of who I am, what I had overcome, how I got there, and finally a feeling of being whole." - Daniel Beer on why he wrote The Silence of Remembering.

The Silence of Remembering weaves a collection of universal themes: a young man's fall into adulthood. How does a person integrate their dark side, the shadow self and become whole? How does a secret affect a family?  To find out more go to InkShares.com and get your copy NOW!