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On October 17, our newest member of Nightmarish Conjurings, Amy Dean, will be experiencing whatever nightmares are held up within The Haunted Hornet!

The Bay Area’s Only Haunted Attraction on Board a Historic Aircraft Carrier Located in the San Francisco Bay - The Haunted Hornet

Alameda, CA September 19th 2015:  NOW HEAR THIS, NOW HEAR THIS!  It was announced today that Alameda is seeing strange new creatures on the pier near the USS Hornet.  With the heavy fog rolling back into the bay area, a new event has taken up residence on board one of the Navy’s most haunted aircraft carriers. 

“We are extremely thrilled to bring you this one of a kind event” said Joshua Overturf, “This is the only aircraft carrier in the world that has a haunted attraction on the ship itself, with the added benefit of the ship being actually haunted.  We’re bringing you to a new level in fear.” ScareCo, Inc, is excited to launch the 2015 Halloween season with its Grand Opening of the Haunted Hornet on Friday, October 2nd in Alameda, California, which is prepared to scare patrons out of their minds and overload their senses. 

The Haunted Hornet will bring you ON BOARD the historic aircraft carrier USS Hornet, and send you through several areas of the ship dressed out in ways like you have never seen them before!  Each space is packed with special effects and talented actors that will both amaze and terrify patrons over and over again.  There will be zombies, monsters, creatures and more thrills than ever!

After being decommissioned in 1970, the USS Hornet aircraft carrier was used to house a secret research facility specializing in deep sea research and Bermuda Triangle phenomena.  Undergoing secret and extreme retrofitting, the ship and its crew set out to document what they find.  While out at sea, the crew were involved in the discovery of an unexplained occurrence which began to affect the entire team and the ship.  Immediately after, the program was cancelled, items locked into storage and the ship was returned to Puget Sound for final mothballing. 

Now 45 years later, we are finally able to access these secret parts of the ship….

ScareCo, Inc. kicks off its Halloween season this Friday October 2nd, running through the weekend.  Normal operation is from Thursday through Sunday through November 1st, 2015.  A single ticket for Haunted Hornet is $40 - a $38 admission price with a $2 historical preservation fee which goes directly back into the funding and refurbishment of the ship.  The event is open from 7pm - 11pm on Thursday and Sundays, and 7pm - Midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. 

On Halloween 10/31/2015, ScareCo, Inc. is partnering with the USS Hornet Museum to sponsor Monster Bash, the Hornet’s annual Halloween party on board the aircraft carrier.  The Haunted Hornet attraction will be open to Monster Bash attendees who have purchased a Haunted Hornet attraction ticket in junction with their Monster Bash ticket.  Advance VIP Halloween Admission includes Monster Mash Dance Party admission and Haunted Hornet attraction prices are $60, and museum members are $55.  More information on the USS Hornet’s Monster Bash can be found at

Tickets for the Haunted Hornet can be purchased online at or in cash at the ticket booth. 

About ScareCo, Inc
Showcasing the latest techniques in scare tactics and digital technology, ScareCo, Inc. was founded in 2014 by Joshua Overturf and Alex Riner-Willens. ScareCo, Inc. is quickly coming together in leading the Nation for Fear Creation with some of the scariest, most realistic haunted attractions.  In 2014, ScareCo produced the Platform 13 Haunted Attraction in West Oakland at the Historic 16th Street Station.  Although ScareCo, Inc. is a family owned and operated attraction, it is not recommended for small children or those under 10. 

About Joshua Overturf
Halloween is Joshua’s first love and as a young teen Josh started out with making masks and creating very successful haunted houses in his garage. Moving through his career, Josh has worked with several professional haunts including those produced by The Boy Scouts of America, Knott’s “Scary” Farm as well as Universal Studios all the while, he “moonlighted” as Director of Audio/Visual with several PSAV properties.  Then in 1996, Josh teamed up with The Haunted Hotel, Inc. and in 2006, as their Director of Operations he wanted to bring his experience to those worthy in being afraid!  After nearly a decate of screams in San Diego, Josh and Alex partnered together and created a frightening new venture aimed at bringing the best of “Fear” to the Bay Area, and ScareCo., Inc was created. 

About Alex Riner-Willens
As an actor at two of Southern California’s top haunted attractions, Alex fell into the haunt industry but once he was involved he knew he had found his calling. Alex has traveled across the US to experience the multitude of professional haunted attractions; he is dedicated to bringing his experience from all of his ventures to create terror within the excitement through ScareCo and Haunted Hornet.

Headquartered in Alameda, CA, ScareCo, Inc’s website is officially released and waiting for all the living to log on and get more information at

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