Panic Mountain

As most of you know, I’m a haunt enthusiast and I travel across the East Coast and West Coast reviewing haunts for my sites.  It’s a passion of mine and one where I’m continuously looking for the next best thing.  I have to say, I may have found it - and it’s called Panic Mountain. Come join Nightmarish Conjurings, on Oct. 24 as we spend a night defending ourselves from the zombies that lurk outside….

New Halloween Event to Take Place in the San Bernardino Mountains

Running Springs, CA - 
A new breed of Halloween event is emerging this year to challenge Southern California’s zombie enthusiasts.  Participants in the aptly named “Panic Mountain” will spend the night in frightening isolation in the middle of mountain forest.  While other scare-themed events tend to put individuals through one-sided experiences without any objective, Panic Mountain is team-based, fully interactive and progressive.  Groups of 12-15 people will approach a series of team-based challenges unified by one storyline and work together to overcome each one.  Tickets can be purchased online at

The challenges (known by the creators as “mods”) are mental and physical in nature, such as panic/escape rooms, obstacle courses, and mazes.  One mod will feature a high-tech system where participants will need to guide each other through a dark room crawling with zombies.  Through an earpiece, the person in the room will receive directions for their every step.  This guidance will come from a teammate outside of the room and watching via an infared camera feed.  Another mod will include escaping from zombies by way of a flight through darkness on a 700 foot zip line. 

Zombie survival training will also be an integral part of the experience, and teams will learn key tactics and skills during their preparation.  Zombies will be roaming the surrounding woods and participants will be taught how to respond to zombie encounters in order to complete the challenges successfully.  After the challenges, participants will remain on site to attend an after party and spend the night in cabin accommodations. 

Panic Mountain will take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from October 2nd through November 1st.  Each overnight ticket purchase includes dinner, event challenges, the after party and one night of cabin accommodations.  For more information, visit

Panic Mountain is the first event in a newly launched festival division of Pali Mountain.  Pali is a 74-acre property in Running Springs, between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear, with a capacity of over 500 guests.  The property features a new 27,000 square foot conference and dining facility, cabins with built in bunks and full bathrooms, and multiple activity and challenge courses. Pali Mountain is a multi-use event venue for retreats and conferences, and is also home to Pali Adventures - a summer camp where kids choose all their own activities, Pali Institute - the only WASC and AEE accredited residential outdoor education program, and Kinetic - a results-driven corporate team building program.