World's Most Extreme Haunted House is Coming to New Jersey Shock Enterainment in the Garden State

WHARTON, NJ - McKamey Manor is known as the world's most extreme haunted house and its creator, Russ McKamey is someone you either love or hate.  He has fans all over the globe and detractors.  There are conspiracy theories about his home haunt and he has hate groups on social media.  McKamey's attraction takes eight hours to go through, there is no safe word, and no one has made it to the end.  McKamey Manor has been on national television and is now optioned for a TV show based around his one of a kind experience.

In 2015, McKamey and his attraction were run out of McLeansboro, Illinois and a collaboration experience with New York based art collective, Fringe Horror Theatre, was banned before it could open.  

This new event, DYSTOPIA: SURVIVAL HORROR ESCAPE HOUSE is an adults only, full contact, extremely immersive horror experience that drops players into a future where a world government has created a game show to reduce the world's population for the greater good.  The fictional game show pits friend against friend, lover against lover in a fight for survival and is full ob subtext and political commentary all wrapped up in what feels like a haunted house gone mad. Actors are not only allowed to interact with guests, but hood them simulate torture techniques meant to break prisoners in internment camps.

McKamey and Fringe Horror Theatre have found a willing venue in New Jersey, but is the Garden State ready for such entertainment?  We'll soon see.  A small New Jersey hate group page has appeared on Facebook but judging by ticket sales and fan reception, it looks safe to say people DO want this type of entertainment. 

DYSTOPIA is also a Trans-Atlantic experience.  A companion event called Snuffhouse by AtmosFear Scare Entertainment will be presented in the U.K. 

DYSTOPIA: SURVIVAL HORROR ESCAPE HOUSE, comes to The Haunted Scarehouse in Wharton, New Jersey for one night only event.  All participants must present valid ID, wear second hand clothing, read and sign a waiver for this "in your face" horror experience.  From the minds behind McKamey Manor and Fringe Horror Theatre, DYSTOPIA is the event your friends WILL be talking about doing and will probably regret later, but as Mr. McKamey says to all guests who enter the manor, "You really don't want to do this."  You have been warned.

Tickets are on sale now at for only $25 dollars a person, groups of two will be admitted at a time.  For more information or press inquiries contact Will at Fringe Horror Theatre at (516) 666-7137.  The Haunted Scarehouse is located at 105 West Dewey Avenue, Building A, Wharton, NJ 07885.