Viral Zombie Prank Turns Deadly!

3 days ago, a video went viral of 2 bothers whom convinced their sister (while she was under the influence of anesthetics from the dentist) that it was the zombie apocalypse. It was super funny! Well that’s what 2 brothers whom watched the video thought before recreating it….. With a deadly outcome. 

Check out this short response video from director Wesley Alley! 
Two brothers watch a viral prank video and think they can do better. They pick their sister up from the dentist and while she is under the influence of “whatever drugs they give you when you get your wisdom teeth removed” they convince her it’s the zombie apocalypse. Only in their prank they have a deadly outcome. 

The video explores a prank phenomenon with the twist ending of the person being pranked taking it to far and accidentally killing someone. 

Written and directed by: 
Wesley Alley

Wesley Alley
Brad Fowler               
Maitlyn Pezzo               
Noel Jason Scott

Editing and Visual Effects by: 
Curtis Schultz