Coming Soon: Jeremy Megargee's Latest Novel OLD HOLLOW

Few authors have gotten under my skin (in a good way) like Jeremy Megargee.  His books are the type you read late at night, when the room is dark and quiet, and every noise makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand straight. Megargee is one of my favorite authors of the past year and I’m so excited for his new novel, Old Hollow.

Easter Panhandle indie horror novelist Jeremy Megargee will be releasing a new title in late May of 2016.  The novel is titled Old Hollow, and the plot of the book focuses heavily on a sleepy, isolated town in West Virginia that is driven into widespread pandemonium by the arrival of a group of nefarious strangers. 

The protagonist is a reclusive hermit that makes an infrequent visit into town from the privacy of his mountain cabin to discover the bedlam that has taken place there.  During the course of the narrative, this hermit turned unlikely hero is tasked with gathering together a group of ragged survivors to try and make a stand against the devouring pestilence that is eating through the heart of the forgotten little hamlet. 

Megargee has been featured on Nightmarish Conjurings before and he’s released a total of four books already, two full-length novels entitled Dirt Lullabies and Sweet Treats, along with the short story and poetry collection Burnt Scrolls and a limited edition poetry chapbook entitled Words for Crows. 

This will be Megargee’s third full-length horror novel, and he’s doing his best to keep indie horror fiction alive and thriving. 

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