Stranger With My Face Announces The Attic Lab, Full List of Supported Projects and Mentors for Inaugural Year

The 4th edition of Stranger With My Face International Film Festival begins in Tasmania, Australia this week and includes a new feature this year, The Attic Lab.  The inaugural program is an intensive mentoring program for women genre filmmakers, run by the festival in collaboration with guest mentors.

Featuring nine filmmakers, the lab is designed for filmmakers developing dark stories into feature film format.  It takes its name from the archetype of the ‘Madwoman in the Attic,’ suggesting a place where violent and disruptive female impulses are hidden away…and yet grow stronger, to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world!

“One of the main aims of the lab this year is to encourage the filmmakers to pitch their projects to the international marketplace,” said Stranger With My Face Festival Director Briony Kidd.  “We believe in these filmmakers, we believe they each have a unique vision and are developing commercially viable, exciting genre projects.  There’s an audience out there for these concepts.”

The Attic Lab filmmakers will be supported to pitch their new feature film projects to the marketplace by Snowfort Pictures’ Head of Development Stephanie Trepanier (who will also be attending the festival as guest speaker) and Tasmanian-born horror director Sean Byrne (The Loved Ones, The Devil’s Candy).  

The filmmakers will also hear from Mai Nakanishi (festival director of Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo) and Heidi Honeycutt (festival director of Etheria Film Night, Los Angeles), who, along with Stranger With My Face, are co-founders of the Alliance of Women’s Fantastic Film Festivals.  The AWFFF is developing new strategies to collectively promote its filmmakers and raise their profile worldwide.  

The Attic Lab 2016 projects are:

GERAHAM BES (Indonesia)
Dir/Co-Wri: Ginanti Rona Tembang Asri

Dir/Wri: Shoshana Rosenbaum

Dir/Wri: Rebecca Thomson

KATE KELLY (Victoria, Australia)
Dir/Wri: Donna McRae

MORGANA (Victoria, Australia)
Dir/Wri: Isabel Peppard

QUEEN OF HEARTS (Tasmania, Australia)
Wri: Carrie McLean

RAESITA GREY (Queensland, Australia)
Dir/Wri: Katriana Irawati Graham

RELIC (Victoria, Australia)
Dir/Co-Wri: Natalie James

TRACELESS (New South Wales, Australia)
Dir/Wri: Megan Riakos

The Attic Lab filmmakers will work privately with mentors, culminating in a public pitch session to invited members of the film industry on 15 April. 

Please visit for more information on The Attic Lab projects and events. 

The full festival program, including the Mary Shelley Symposium and industry events can be found  Festival passes as well as individual tickets to events are available to purchase online.