NYZ Trumpocalypse

NYZ Apocalypse Presents “Trumpocalypses Make American Sane Again.”

The Secret Service is at odds on how to protect the 2016 presidential candidates given their ever decreasing popularity.  Public sentiment is at an all time low, and the Secret Service has resorted to a last minute plan designed to protect the 2016 candidates: Cloning!

Each candidate on both sides of the aisle have been cloned in an attempt to maximize security.  The only problem is that each clone has developed a thirst for human brains!  The clones are in fact…zombies.

It has yet to be determined if this was an intentional side effect or an over-sight on the part of the medical staff heading the experiment.

Mr. Trump’s initial reaction upon hearing of this horrific error was to quote “bomb the shit out of the place”, but he has since reconsidered his position as he often does.  Mr. Trump will lend his leadership skills and expert negotiation tactics to bring an end to this for what is now a contained outbreak. Mr. Trump has taken over the operation of the Apollo Prison along with his staff and Secret Service. 

The public, along with the real candidates have been encouraged to visit this top secret facility to utterly destroy the zombie presidential candidate clones and preserve the sanctity of the 2016 presidential primaries.  NYZ will open its doors on Thursday April 14th at 8 PM for a media only event.  The general public will battle the zombie clone horde this Memorial Day Weekend. 

NYZ Apocalypse is an interactive zombie survival experience where participants battle hundreds of “live” zombies in an underground prison system using state of the art laser guns and proximity sensors.  Located at 450 Commack Road, Deer Park, NY, NYZ Apocalypse is one of the longest running interactive zombie experiences in the country. 

For more information check out their websitewww.nyzapocalypse.com.