LOVE IS DEAD campaign

Los Angeles, CA - March 26, 2016 - Horror Journalist/Film Critic Jerry Smith, Editor in Chief of the long-running Icons of Fright and freelance writer for, Fangoria, Delirium and various others has launched the official Kickstarter campaign for his short film, LOVE IS DEAD.  Attached to star in the film, AMERICAN MARY/THE EDITOR/FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS’ Tristan Risk, Adult Film Star Aaron “Small Hands” Thompson and INSIDIOUS/CONTRACTED’s Ruben Pla are all set to bring this “Emotional Horror” film to life, with a script penned by Smith. 

Inspired by a potentially fatal experience in Smith’s past, LOVE IS DEAD revolves around a men’s support group (led by Pla), who meet once a week to tell their stories of lost loved ones, and various other stories of lives gone wrong.  Thompson plays Peter, a man who lost his wife to a tragic event that was spurred by Peter’s infidelity and brutal confrontation with Risk’s Mara character. 

“I’ve always been fascinated by how dangerous words can be, and wanted to make a film that illustrated that sometimes we can damage others with our words, just as much as any knife or hatchet.” said Smith.

With 21 days left on the campaign, Smith and co. have already raised over 50% of the $5,000 budget, which is set to shoot on May 6th/7th in Los Angeles, with a goal to submit the short film into festivals and push it as far as physically possible.  Perks included in the Kickstarter campaign range from signed photos from Risk and Thompson, the DVD’s of Thompson’s work with Burning Angel, signed items from Adult Starlet Joanna Angel and a night of partying with Thompson, Smith and various others. 

For more information on LOVE IS DEAD, click on the following link, and if you can, donate to a great movie.