Tonya Kay Gets INKED for iNK Films Next Short

Los Angeles, CA - Horror Society’s Best Villain of 2015, Tonya Kay, has signed on to the latest short film from iNK Films and We Are Indie Horror, Inked: A Prologue.  Tonya will be playing the Tattoo Artist who is the main protagonist with many deep and ancient secrets.  

Inked: A Prologue is the story of James, a devout person of faith, who recently caught his fiance cheating on him.  When reminiscing the situation while walking the streets, James come across a tattoo parlor.  Questioning his faith and having a deep discussion with the artist, he impulsively decides to get a tattoo.  After the ink, he falls down a path of temptation which causes horrific consequences beyond anybody’s expectations. 

Tonya Kay hails from Michigan farmlands and brings her physicality and depth to the female lead in the next short film from We Are Indie Horror creators Neil King and Brian Sapir.  Tonya is multi-talented with awards for her acting and writing, while dancing professionally, performing burlesque, and training in stunts who also performs as a danger artist.  Along with Inked: A Prologue she can be seen in the upcoming Lifetime movie The Other Wife, the horror film Bastard, Patricia Chica’s Crimson Dance which is scheduled to screen at Cannes International Film Festival, and the Uncork’d haunted house flick Amityville Terror.  Tonya’s extensive resume includes shows like Glee and Secret Girlfriend with co-starring roles on Criminal Minds, Numbers, and House M.D.  Tonya will be joining Robert Ray Shafer of The Office and Psycho Cop, Ashley Mary Nunes and Kelsey Carlstedt from All Through The House, and Kelsie Hendrix in this ever growing cast. 

Director Neil King states in regards to casting Tonya Kay:

“I am so excited to have her on board.  Since I saw her in Horror Haiku I have always thought she was incredibly talented.  Her role in Bastard was amazing and well deserved of the Best Villain of 2015.  She will bring the Tattoo Artist to life with such depth that will help lead us into the feature film starring her as the same character.  I cannot wait to work with her and see the artist live on screen through Tonya’s awesome work.” 

Currently iNK Films and We Are Indie Horror present Inked: A Prologue’s official crown funding campaign which is live via Indiegogo (  As independent artists they seek to make their vision a reality and create the short film correctly, so they seek the help of the horror community across the world.  For over a year the producing duo has been supporting and showcasing artists from all around the world and they now turn to the community for support on their short film to lead into a bigger and stylized feature length film. 

Director Neil King started in the industry 9 years ago with music videos for heavy metal bands.  After the move to California, he began creating his own short films.  The Magician placed in the top 100 of the ABCs Of Death 2 competition and later picked up by Scotsworthy Productions for the World of Death.  Later Neil and Brian teamed up to bring forth what has been called “High Horror Art” with the short film A Shadow Fell.  This will be Neil’s fourth short film he has directed.  This will be Neil’s second pairing with Christopher Sheffield who also was director of photography for A Shadow Fell. Neil has always been fond of the classic 70′s and 80′s horror films so in regards to Inked he states “we will use nothing but practical effects to insure the most gruesome and brutal scenes imagined.” 

After the crowdfunding campaign, Inked plans to shoot in May of 2016 for an October 2016 release date.  If the short film does well, iNK Films plans to take the characters created in Inked: A Prologue into their very own feature film.  To learn more about the project and the awesome perks offered, including personalized signed DVDs by Lisa Wilcox (Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Nightmare on Elm Street 5) head over to or follow any of the social media links below.


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