Massachusetts Duo Unleashes DEMONIC ATTACHMENT Short FIlm

Los Angeles, CA (March 2016) - Wanting to explore some of the haunted happenings from her youth, while also creating a strong female role for her to play, Danvers, MA native Jenn Nangle conceived and wrote the short film, DEMONIC ATTACHMENT, and brought in Peabody, MA native Matt Aaron Krinsky to direct.  After collaborating for months on the project, the film from this Massachusetts duo is continuing a successful film festival run and collecting accolades along the way. 

The story is partly based on true events and having both grown up in cities neighboring Salem, MA, Nangle and Krinsky enjoyed re-visiting their childhoods spent near the birthplace of the witch hysteria.  As they did research to provide historical context for the film, the decision was made to have an exclusively female cast.  The filmmakers took great care to cast actresses who could portray their roles as strong women and avoid turning their Wiccan characters into caricature witches.  Actually personifying the demon of the title allowed for additional historical witch trial references and this also more explicitly lays the groundwork for the short to become a feature length project, which is the ultimate goal for Nangle and Krinsky. 

DEMONIC ATTACHMENT has just recently begun screening in film festivals and has already won MOST TERRIFYING at the Top Indie Film Awards, BEST ATMOSPHERE at the Independent Horror Movie Awards, and BEST HORROR SHORT FILM at the Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival.  Nangle also received a BEST ACTRESS NOMINATION for her layered portrayal of the sick and distressed protagonist. 

A preview screening of the film took place in Los Angeles on March 5, 2016 and as one reviewer confirmed, “a fully developed feature will be able to explore this tumultuous time in history…” and the filmmakers “…should see this as an audience wanting more.”  For Nangle and Krinsky, a public asking for more is exactly what they hoped for and they’re eager to tackle the feature length version of this demonic creation. 

Demonic Attachment is based on a true story and brings the audience into the life of Jennifer Ryan, a woman so frustrated by the inability of multiple professionals to diagnose the cause of her chronic fatigue, that she is very reluctantly forced to call upon three strangers - Lori, Mary, and Sophie - as her last resort for help.  What she finds out may haunt her forever. 

Jennifer Nangle takes on multiple roles for this production as screenwriter, producer, and actor, with Jennifer Farac, Rhobye Wyatt, Dyana Liu and Bella King joining Nangle in the cast.  Robin Shelby, Ryan Bartley, and Christina Gray lend their voice over talents to round out the all-female cast. Matt Aaron Krinsky directs and Marco Elorreaga served as both Director of Photography and principal Editor.