"Red Eye" IndieGoGo Campaign!

“Red Eye” is a tale of four friends that head out to the backwoods of Black Creek, West Virginia to document a local legend, Red Eye, for a film festival in their hometown.  Will their passion bleed through…or cross the line?  

We feel it is very important to include the fact that this film will NOT be a “found-footage” film.  There isn’t an idea/concept that has not been turned into a movie already.  There are only original ways of doing the same thing over…and we do just that with “Red Eye.”  We’ve taken the generic horror formula and contorted it until it ended up in a bloody mess outside the box!


Destinie Orndoff - Rykyr Jacobs
Scott King - Gage Barker
Heather Dorff - Ryann O’Riley
Hayden Wilberger - Jake Lockhart
Jessica Cameron - Bea

Directed by Tristan Clay
Written by Tristan Clay and Destinie Orndoff