Screenshot Productions Presents: Parturition

On Wednesday, I’m going to do something that I’ve never done before, an interactive and immersive experience.  Though it’s not called a “haunt” persay, it has elements that would be considered creepy.  During October, Screenshot Productions created an experience called “Fear is What We Learned Here;” this month their experience is called Parturition; which means the action of giving birth to young; with that said, I’ll be experiencing being born.  I’m not sure what to really expect but I’m beyond excited. 

‘Parturition’ Preview:

“‘Parturition’ is not a haunt.  At the same time, the birthing process, as well as life in general, is filled with darkness and elements of horror, so just because it is not classified as such, don’t expect an entirely peaceful experience.  Without giving too much away, as with our last production ‘Fear is What We Learned Here’ we are interested in exploring the psychology surrounding a particular topic/emotion and hope that attendees are not only immersed and entertained in going through the experience, but take away powerful insights into the human experience that they can then apply to their day-to-day life.”

Screenshot Productions/Nicholas Sherwin vision:

“Screenshot Productions is a newly formed, immersive installation collective with a long-term vision to establish a year-round immersive epxerience culture here in Los Angeles.  The company has been inspired by the collaborative, immersive scene in New York and hopes to bring something similar to the west coast.  However, they don’t simply wish to replicate existing models for what constitutes an immersive production, but instead forge ahead with their own take on where they think the industry can go.  The vision is to continually push what an immersive experience can be and what audience members can get out of it, always with an agenda for the productions staged.  The hope is that each art installation created by Screenshot taps into universal human emotions in some meaningful way and that the art has a genuine emotional impact on those who attend.”

“Screenshot Productions was founded by Nicholas David Sherwin Jr.  Nicholas was the creative director and, along with Jarred Laos, co-creator for the comapny’s first installation entitled ‘Fear is What We Learned Here.’  Nicholas is currently the creative director and sole creator of ‘Parturition.’  He also works as the Executive V.P. for No Pressure Productions, a concert promotion agency and recording studio out of La Mirada, CA.  In addition, Nicholas is a project manager for Vortex Productions LLC, handling the west coast operations where he stage manages the show, the cast, and the inventory for “Blackout” an extreme immersive theatrical event in it’s sixth year of production (third in LA). Nicholas graduated with his MBA in Leadership and Managing Organizational Change from Pepperdine University and for his undergrad attended Biola University, graduating with a B.S. in Management Sciences.”