NYZ Presents: Santapocalypse!

As the popularity of haunted houses/attractions grows more and more each Halloween season, so doesn’t year round and holiday haunted houses.  The East Coast especially seems to be a hot spot for a growing trend in holiday haunted houses.  

For those of us who love going to haunted attractions, waiting another year for the Halloween season can be depressing.  However, you won’t have to wait long if you are in the New York area.  NYZ Apocalypse, a year round action packed scare experience located in Deer Park, NY, offers a three day holiday horror show that isn’t so holly and jolly.  Shopping Mall Santa Zombies are taking over and we are called into action to stop them for terrorizing the area.  

Santapocalypse is coming to NYZ with the following message:

“Recent excavations at the Apollo Prison System (APS) located at 450 Commack Road, Deer Park, NY have unearthed one of the most disturbing medical experimentation rooms yet to be found at the zombie infested facility. 

It seems the US Government had plans to insert Shopping Mall Santa Super Soldiers throughout America to guarantee our safety, but the infection made its way throughout the stricken Apollo Prison before these soldiers could be released to perform their duties.  There are now hundreds of Shopping Mall Santa Zombies roaming free at the Apollo Prison System. 

We are calling upon the good citizens of the New York Area to visit the Apollo Prison System on Sunday December 20th, Sunday December 27th, and Friday January 1st to help eliminate the scourge of Shopping Mall Santa Zombies. Experts have indicated that 3 days of battle should be sufficient enough to utterly destroy this latest outbreak.” 

So citizens of New York, pack up your gear, grab your closest friend and/or family member, leave those kids at home, and get ready to destroy Santa Super Soldiers!  Remember to visit NYZapocalypse.com to book your times for this 3 day event!