FIRST LOOK at the upcoming horror film BEHIND THE WALLS

"Years it has waited.  Now, someone has moved in.  Through the eyes of the evil within, we witness a broken family desperately seeking a new beginning, in a new home.  But this house lives, watches and wants them to stay - FOREVER."

We invite you to the FIRST LOOK at a haunting seen from, BEHIND THE WALLS!  The film stars Vanessa Angel (WEIRD SCIENCE, KINGPIN), Hutch Dano (Disney's "Zeke and Luther", ZOMBEAVERS), Reggie Lee (NBC's "Grimm"), Lew Temple (Rob Zombie's 31, "The Walking Dead", "Longmire"), and Bailey Spry (IT FOLLOWS). 

BEHIND THE WALLS is a Dual Visions and Roaming Elephant Production shot in LA unlike many productions fleeing the state.  The film observes a family from the view of the house - instead of learning about the cliche origins of the haunted house, the house learns about the secrets the family has, lending to a more dramatic film than your typical scarefests. Even with a modest budget the producers built the 2-story house set (and basement) to have maximum control over filming quite literally behind the walls. 

"We aimed to put a new spin on the genre by putting the focus on the house and breathe some emotional life to it," says Twin Director/Producer Jon Kondelik.  The other half to the Directing/Producting Duo, James Kondelik added, "the film ends up being character driven - as the house uncovers the family's darkest kept secrets, and if any outsiders come in between the house and it's new family - it won't end well for anyone." 

DP/Producer Matt Shapira of Roaming Elephant declared, "What I wanted to bring to BEHIND THE WALLS was a higher brow aesthetic that lends itself both dramatically and that elevates the genre." 

The film was exhibited at the American Film Market to two full screenings.  The new year will mark the beginning of BEHIND THE WALLS' film festival run as they wait to hear back from Sundance and SXSW programmers.